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     We Are Quality Services / Consulting and Business Modeling Improvement 

Ken D. Walston, Jr. (SME)

President of "The Walston Corporation" and Executive Director for Quality Services and Consulting with Walston & Associates.

Expert "Hands-On" knowledge and experience with Business Unit Management and Leadership responsibilities in a variety of business settings. 35 years as Quality Management Professional within the Aerospace/Defense/Aviation Industries holding positions from Middle to Executive Management in Major Aerospace Corporations. Multi-Site Quality Management Facilitator experience.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)  in the field and science of Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering, Software Quality Engineering and Quality Management.

Published author and lecturer.


                                              Creator of the  Qc

                                               Quality Coalition

The Quality Coalition emphasis is on "Quality is Everything!".  We are proud to engage ourselves in topics and discussions that improve and enhance the Quality of our diverse Industries: (Aerospace, Medical, Commercial Electronics and now Automotive) and produce innovations which will assist in the future Quality Improvements and Models we will incorporate as leaders in the respective businesses and industries we support.  There is an annual conference of the Coalition which is open to our membership.  (See Contact Page for details)

"Quality is Everything!  " ©2021 (2rd Edition)


This book is a sounding board for every Corporate Executive, Company Leadership Team, Department Manager, Supervisor and Worker to grab onto.


The principles and applications of Quality apply to each and every one of us; not only in a business setting, but in our social, political and physical environment as well. Quality should be synonymous and impart a peripheral awareness to life which is necessary to enhance the Quality Awareness attribute in every individual.


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Quality is Everything(Front Cover)5.8x8.
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